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Silver Spring Deaf Booth at Maryland Deaf Festival

by David Trexler

Maryland Deaf Festival sponsored by the Montgomery County Deaf Association was held on September 29 and 30, 2001. The Deaf Festival was an important event for the Silver Spring Deaf Group as David and Francisca Trexler took charge of the exhibition booth. It was important for the community of deaf people to be aware of the presence of the Seventh- day Adventists. According to the official, more than 2,000 deaf people visited the festival. Several former SDA deaf persons came to the booth and told us that they were members of our church in the past. One of them requested an address of a SDA church in her home town in another state. Four individuals received a free book, Steps to Christ, through a drawing. Some deaf visitors asked the meaning of our church’s name. As we look back we are grateful that we had represented the remnant church at one of the important deaf events in metro Washington, D.C.

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