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My Testimony by Milbert Jones

#212-881 E.C.I. 30420 Revells Neck Road Westover, Maryland 21890-3368

I want to thank God and my personal Savior Jesus Christ who strengthens me. You can't imagine how great it makes me feel to know that I am convicted by the Seventh-day Adventist message. Really it is about the inspired Word of God, because it is not about the denomination or the people when I analyze it and for me to speak about it so confidently.

I would like to thank to Pastor David Trexler for being there for me. He is my friend for the future. He will always be happy to talk with me on spiritual matters. He visits with me once a month or more when he can see me, since he has a long drive from Silver Spring, MD to Westover.

I have been in prison for almost 13 years. It would be hard for me to make a decision because I am deaf. Not only do I live with this shame in your world, but I also live with it in my world. My world is complete silence.

I am the only deaf inmate housed at E.C.I in Westover, Maryland. It is very difficult for me to convey my desires to others that have no training or experience with the deaf.

This is my first incarceration and the first time that I have ever been in trouble with law.

I am a well educated and graduated in 1965 from the Maryland School for the Deaf, Frederick, MD.

I had a very good career and I once had a very successful business. But things happened in life that we just can't seem to avoid. So here I am.

I thank Pastor David who helped me to understand and strengthened me to obey all the many new things that I learn. I thank him for the very patient way in which he communicates with us. I am also very proud of how Pastor David has fit in. He seems so positive, and almost radiant at times. You know our paths did not cross by accident — thank God for the movement of the Holy Spirit!

If there is anyone interested for a pen pal (or friendship), please write if you feel like it. I would really love to hear from you soon.

Again thank you for letting me share those words of conviction!

When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory! God be with you until later we meet.

Sincerely, Your brother in Christ Milbert



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