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DEAR 2018

The DEAF church hosted its cozy autumn revival the last weekend of October this year. A total of 24 people worshiped together on Sabbath, with some arriving on Thursday or Friday. The Camp Blue Ridge retreat was in full color even though we had some rain through the weekend. Elder Paul Kelly spoke on the topic of our Christian character as he quoted passages from Doug Batchelor’s book, Who Do You Think You Are?

We came to the weekend knowing that our dear brother Neill Bridges had decided to give his life to our Lord God. So, we were surprised when Elder Paul told us he wanted to be rebaptized, because he made the mistake of not talking with God to make his decision to be baptized in the first place. He said he made his decision by talking with his friends, and this bothered him for many years. When Elder Paul announced his decision, our hearts melted. Then Farrah Santiago came up and sang “Jesus is worth more than silver and gold.” This song matched exactly with what Elder Kelly was saying a few minutes ago, about Jesus our Savior being worth so much more than any riches in the world. Farrah did not plan this with Elder Paul. We knew then that God had accepted Elder Kelly’s decision. Many people in the room started crying. Elder Kelly’s daughter-in-law, Monica Kelly, confessed that she had been called to be baptized again, this time by a Sabbathkeeping pastor. So, we were surprised with three baptisms instead of one!

We also enjoyed a Lord’s supper together on Friday evening. Our next autumn revival will be on October 24-27, 2019. Please join us.



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