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DEAR 2017

Theme: "Victory in the Great Controversy" by Margie English

Deaf Evangelistic Adventist Fellowship (DEAF) hosted the DEAR camp meeting at Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, VA from November 2 to 5. The camp meeting has been at Camp Blue Ridge for many years. It is a favorite location and time of the year because of the fall colors in the mountains.

Margie English, a member of DEAF, was the camp meeting speaker. She shared four presentations on “Victory in the Great Controversy.” About 40 people attended the camp meeting. DYAC had its meetings in another building but we fellowshipped together during free times and meals.

On Sabbath, we were delighted to witness the baptisms of four persons. It did not rain when we started the baptism but the rain started to fall at the end of the service. We were delighted to use a “sauna” pool for the baptism because the weather was cloudy and cold. The water was heated by a wood stove and was very warm. The four who were baptized were Christopher and Lisa Emery from Maryland and Ezra and Senovia Miller from Tennessee. Lisa Emery was a faithful Lutheran. She surprised us when she announced her decision to be baptized into our church earlier that day. It was a difficult decision for her but the Lord has blessed her.

Dates for the 2018 DEAR are October 25 to 28. Plan to come to our lovely place in the mountains with beautiful fall colors.



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