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DEAR 2014

"Revive Us, Lord" by Esther Doss October 2 to 5, 2014 by David Trexler

The DEAR Camp Meeting at Camp Blue Ridge in Virginia on October 2-5 was a time to get away from the world. Surrounded by beautiful fall colors, hearts were ready to focus on Jesus. The main speaker Esther Doss (AR), shared a series on how to walk closer with Jesus by first taking a look at Enoch’s life. Attendees kept busy with devotionals, meetings, Bible games, a candle vigil, crocheting rag rugs, hikes, and, of course, visiting with like believers. The warm fire in the fireplace was a really nice touch. Sabbath afternoon was a real highlight as Katrina Mansell was baptized. Cathy Ingram did a fantastic job organizing the event.

Four old college mates from RIT in New York had a fun reunion. Two lived across the hall from each other; two were good friends; two used to date. Some had not seen each other in over 20 years. Never did they dream during those days that they would meet at an Adventist Deaf event, sharing the same faith. Praise God!



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