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Baptism of Brenda Snider in Virginia

by Rhonda Poff

The forecast for the Fall day did not look good, rainy and cold. But we did not give up our faith in God, because you see, this was a very special day for Brenda.

Brenda is deaf, and has been so since she was two years old when she contracted measles and chicken pox at the same time.

Her mother send her to a local school hoping she would learn to read and write. Brenda could lot understand the teacher and tried hard to read lips, but couldn't. So, they gave up on Brenda's education.

Brenda grew up with very few friends and in a silent world. She married a man that was not deaf and couldn't communicate well with him. It wasn't long before she found out she was pregnant. Nine months later she delivered a beautiful girl, which she named Lori. Lori was born deaf. Her husband soon left them and they were on their own.

Not until her daughter started school, did Brenda begin to learn sign language. She was around the age of 24. Brenda was excited she could now communicate and be part of the deaf community.

That is how she met Donald. He was deaf and attended many events for the deaf. They got married in 1981. Both of them had met Lee Roy McKinney through the deaf community. He was a Seventh-day Adventist and had shared with them about their beliefs many times, but they were not interested. But, Lee Roy was still a good friend with them.

After many years passing by Lee Roy's church, The Rocky Mount SDA Church, decided to have an evangelistic meeting with an interpreter for the deaf. Lee Roy told his deaf friends and on opening night Donald, Brenda, and their grandson came. Every night, they were amazed as the prophecies opened up before their very eyes. They started attending church every Sabbath.

One member called me on the phone one day and said they would like to buy the videotapes of David Trexler's evangelistic meetings for the deaf. They had just read an article about Adventist Deaf Ministries in the Adventist Review, and it was advertising the videotapes. We started showing them for our deaf Sabbath School class; it was such a blessing to watch these beautiful people understanding God's Word in their language.

Our Pastor, Pastor Kevin Powell, started studying with them in their home. He knew very little sign language, but he said many times; "The Holy Spirit helped me to communicate with them." They were thrilled that a Pastor would humble himself and enter their home, hardly knowing any of their language and study with them. Brenda's heart was convicted of many things and she decided to give her heart to Jesus. She wanted to be baptized; she wanted it to take place in a river or lake. Pastor Kevin asked her if she would like Pastor David Trexler to come and speak at her baptism. She was elated, but she didn't think that he could fit it into his schedule. We were so surprised when we found out he would be able to come.

The weather was unusual for an October day, it was warm, and it wasn't supposed to be.

After Pastor Trexler gave a baptismal charge to Brenda and the members, Brenda and Pastor Kevin entered the water. Pastor Kevin signed to Brenda before her baptism, which touched Brenda's heart.

I am very thankful for the Production of the Videotapes that David spoke in. It changes lives!!!!!



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